DC State Societies

Written by Mallie Woodfin, Recruitment and Admissions Associate 

State-Flag-EderWhen you live in DC, there is an endless list of activities, networking events and social gatherings to keep you busy. But when you move here, there is a good chance you miss a little place called home from time to time. Whether you are from the west coast, New England or the middle of nowhere, there is a unique opportunity that allows you to mingle with fellow DC transfers: State Societies.

State Societies are non-profit social organizations that host fundraising events, parties and monthly meetings for people to come together. Societies are great to join because they connect people with other DC professionals and help to grow one’s network. Many societies help raise money for a scholarship given to a student attending a college or university in their home state.

They are also a great opportunity to realize how small the world actually is. You may re-
connect with a childhood friend you didn’t know lived in DC, find out that your co-worker is someone’s cousin, or that you are sorority sisters. The stories and connections are countless!

Tips on Becoming a Member:

  • Currently an intern but planning on staying in DC long-term? You could meet someone that can offer you your first job, or connect you with an organization that is hiring.
  • From Michigan but went to school in Mississippi? Join both organizations to double your network!
  • Fees are generally pretty low and usually cover you for the year.
  • Visit this link for a list of all DC State Societies.

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