More Than Just “Doing Good”: Nonprofit Careers in DC

Written by Kristen Wright, Manager Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service

IPVS-About_miniIf you’re interested in a career in the nonprofit sector, you’ve probably heard countless comments like “there isn’t any money in that” or “you must just want to do good.”

While it may be true that the nonprofit sector is dominated with individuals that want to make a positive impact on society, it’s also an industry that in Washington, DC accounts for more than 26.4% of all private sector jobs, 16% of total workforce employment, and generates $46.4 billion in revenue annually.

The District is filled with national nonprofit organizations and local charities, and provides direct access to influencers on Capitol Hill, giving nonprofit leaders a rare opportunity to engage in local, state, national, and international work without leaving the District. The DC nonprofit sector’s location allows leaders and change-makers to understand the role that the private sector can play in providing social services and solving community needs without many of the limitations of government.

The dynamic and vibrant nonprofit sector is made up of hardworking citizens that are looking to provide long-term solutions to the issues that affect our city, our country, and our world on the deepest levels. If you work for one of the more than 15,000 DC nonprofits you may be working for an organization that is leading the charge in cancer research, fundraising for scholarships for low income students, preserving historic documents, or encouraging democracy in other countries.

In Washington, DC’s nonprofit sector, the causes are as diverse as the work, but the importance of their impact is shared. These “do-gooders” are making big contributions and positive, lasting change in their communities!

Want to explore a career in the nonprofit sector and spend a summer of service in the nation’s capital? Visit to learn about the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service. The extended application deadline is April 4th.

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