How to Prepare for Your Summer Internship

Written by Mallie Woodfin, Recruitment and Admissions Associate

In 3 short days almost 300 students will be arriving in DC to attend our summer Live.Learn.Intern programs. Moving to a different city for the summer is a challenge in itself. We have come up with tips and tricks to make the transition a little bit easier. Below you will find a ‘check-list’ of things to do before you arrive and some not-so-obvious items to pack in your suitcase!

Don’t forget to:

  • Coordinate with your roommates to determine who is bringing which items.
  • Contact your internship supervisor for office guidelines and appropriate work attire.
  • Get to know your surroundings – look online at maps of where you will be living, interning and taking classes. This will eliminate future stress.
  • Make a “Bucket List” of places to visit and things to see before the summer is over.

Don’t forget to pack:

  • Rain gear – Umbrella, boots, coat, etc. DC is knows for summer thunderstorms that can be severe.
  • An extra blazer or jacket – It’s always good to have a back-up.
  • A robe and shower shoes – Commonly forgotten, but good to have in a shared living space.
  • Durable grocery bags – Bring these to carry your groceries and skip the grocery bag fee.
  • Refillable water bottle – It is so important to stay hydrated in DC during the summer. A refillable bottle is the easiest way to be sure to always have water with you.
  • Notebook and pens – This not only makes you look prepared – it also allows you to remember every moment of your DC summer!
  • Commuter shoes – It is a good idea to have a pair or two – ladies especially.
  • Quarters and extra change – These will be necessary to do laundry and come in handy at other times as well.
  • Sunscreen – DC gets h.o.t. in the summer, so keep your skin protected.

It is also important to not over pack. A lot of students make the mistake of bringing too many unnecessary things with them, making their luggage heavy and dorm rooms cluttered.

Leave behind:

  • Clothes you know you will not wear – heavy coats, wool socks, etc.
  • Extra clothes – Don’t pack 20 t-shirts, 8 hoodies and 9 pairs of sweatpants. You really only need a few of these items.
  • Items you do not want to lose – valuable jewelry, family heirlooms, etc.
  • 100 pairs of shoes – You only need a couple pairs for work, play and exercise.

No one likes packing, but just focus on what you are preparing for – 8 weeks in the nation’s capital!


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