Student Profile – Jaehong (Jay) Kim, IBGA

Written by Joel Troutman, Program Advisor- Institute on Business and Government Affairs

Jay KimHailing from Seoul, South Korea, Jay Kim graduated from Emory University with a degree in Economics. This summer he has the amazing opportunity to expand his knowledge and skills as an intern with NASDAQ.

Because Jay changed his major from Biology to Economics midway through his junior year, finding an internship in this completely new field was a bit of a struggle, particularly with the added pressure of just having graduating college.

In discussing how Jay found his way to Washington, DC, he said, “Then I found out about the TFAS program, which provides the combination of both academically competitive summer courses and guaranteed internship placement.”

Through TFAS, Jay is now interning at NASDAQ OMX group in their government relations team. “I was once a college graduate without any work experience, then all of sudden I am attending congressional hearings about economic regulations, listening to speeches delivered by Senator John McCain and Thomas Farley, president of NYSE Group, and many more. To me, it is as if I won a lottery in terms of job hunting.”

Jay is eager to apply his many disciplines and skills that he’s learned through school and his time in the Republic of Korea Navy. A friendly and outgoing person, Jay is excited to be here in DC for the summer. He said that TFAS helped him “realize that you are never late for anything” and that “TFAS gave him the chance to gain valuable work experience even after graduation.”

As a people person, Washington, DC appealed to him as an amazing place to network with other young professionals and as a wonderful launching place for his career. “Now I can utilize this experience to further my opportunities in a very competitive job market.” With so much history, art, culture, food (possibly the best cupcakes in the world), and diversity here in the heart of the nation, Jay’s summer in DC will be one he will never forget.

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