Student Profile – Bryce Mitchell, IEIA

Written by Pat DiFrancesco, Program Advisor – Institute on Economics and International Affairs

Mitchell, BrycePursuing a degree in International History with a focus in Africa and the Middle East, Bryce Mitchell aspires to represent the United States as a Defense Attaché in one of its numerous embassies across the globe.  As a current student at The United States Air Force Academy and the Institute on Economics and International Affairs, he is preparing himself to accomplish this and so much more.

At the academy, Bryce is a hurdler on the track team and serves as one of the cadets in charge of international programs. In this position, he acts as a liaison for fellow cadets and incoming students looking to study abroad and explore international issues. “My environment at the academy is really structured. I have a busy schedule, but I appreciate every moment.”

Being accustomed to his schedule at the academy, Bryce hasn’t had much trouble transitioning into the rigorous TFAS summer. “It’s one of the reasons I love this program,” Bryce said. “It helps you grow and allows you to take advantage of opportunities.”

This summer Bryce is interning at the Rumsfeld Foundation where he assists with all daily operations in the office. “One day I might be taking notes during one of our meetings with microfinance partners, the next day I could be accompanying Mr. Rumsfeld to one of his speaking events, the possibilities are endless.”

Bryce’s favorite moment during the summer thus far was an extensive conversation he had with Mr. Rumsfeld on a variety of topics. While sharing stories in Rumsfeld’s office, the two realized they even had some experiences in common. They both attended the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico as boy scouts. “He went in 1949, and I went in 2008,” Bryce said. “We even shared our experiences with all of the bears and rattlesnakes we encountered while there”.

After graduation, Bryce plans to continue studying international issues related to Africa and the Middle East at either The George Washington University or the University of Calgary. “After getting my masters, I intend to enter flight school and hopefully fly a fighter jet like the A-10 Warthog or the F-35 Lightning if they ever finish it,” he said. “After flying for a few years, I can then focus on my career at a United States embassy.”


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