Washington DC’s Best Kept Secret? Countless Opportunities in PR/Strategic Communications

Written by Joe Starrs, Director – US Programs and the Institute on Political Journalism

prEveryone knows that Washington, DC is THE place to make a name for yourself in politics and government. DC also can’t be beat when it comes to breaking into media, law and lobbying. What people may not know is that DC is an amazing place to learn the craft of Public Relations and Strategic Communications.

While the “Big Three” (NYC, LA, & Chicago) have great PR opportunities, DC offers more diverse and interesting chances to learn the PR craft.  The reasons are obvious: almost every advocacy group, association, for-profit company, or nonprofit organization has a stake or interest in what happens in the most powerful city in the free world.

Jump in a cab and take a ride into the heart of downtown DC – drive less than a mile and you’ll pass places like:

  • National Broadcasting Association
  • Edelman Public Relations
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Ogilvy Public Relations
  • Chamber of Commerce

These are just a few examples of the PR powerhouses with teams of really bright people whose average week is filled with exciting and impactful work.

Are you passionate about a pressing issue? Do you want to make a difference in one of these areas?

  • The environment
  • World hunger
  • Gun rights or gun safety

Whatever the cause or the issue, chances are very good that there’s a place and a need for a PR/Strategic Communication specialist in your interest area.

Are you interested in world and international affairs? Have you always wanted to work for an NGO, a think tank or put that foreign language to use? You can do all this in DC while using the skills and knowledge you’ve learned in the PR field. Opportunities abound at places like:

  • The World Bank
  • The International Monetary Fund
  • The Red Cross
  • Foreign Embassies

Of course at the heart of DC is government, politics and the media. From Capitol Hill and the courts, to federal agencies and the military, along with news operations from around the world, these are the “engines” that drive DC. Every one of these entities has a place for the PR professional. PR students who are interested in  DC can always “test drive” the city by interning during the summer or semester. Students will be sure to find a thriving, vibrant city with opportunities unavailable anywhere else.

For information about the PR internship opportunities available through DCInternships, contact:
Joe Starrs
Director, U.S. Programs

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