Maeghan Roberts: Storyteller and Sushi Lover

Written by Lauren Goldberg, Coordinator – TFAS Communications

Roberts got to work on CBS' "Face the Nation" and met host Bob Schieffer.

Roberts got to work on CBS’ “Face the Nation” and met host Bob Schieffer.

In just a semester, Maeghan Roberts has made the city of Washington her very own. She has gone behind the scenes to see and do more than many Washingtonians have, including visiting the White House to watch Marine One take off, going on a private tour of the White House press room, meeting Sen. John McCain and working and meeting with national media correspondents.

During the fall semester, she interned with “CBS This Morning.” Roberts, who hopes to be a national broadcast journalist in the future, says that her internship with CBS has been invaluable. In her role at CBS, she works closely with producers to confirm logistics of live shots for reporters, constantly reads news to think of stories to pitch, attends as many shoots as possible and learns from “the best of the best”.

She attended the “Face the Nation” 60th Anniversary Party with her CBS family, where she met Sen. John McCain, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Rob Portman and several media correspondents including Jake Tapper and Luke Russert. She also got to work on “Face the Nation” and meet host Bob Schieffer. “CBS has taught me how to tell a story better and how to be a storyteller,” said Roberts. “I want to thank CBS for having the confidence in me … and for giving me the ability to grow and take advantage of different opportunities.”

Roberts hard at work at a CBS live shoot on the White House grounds.

Roberts hard at work at a CBS live shoot on the White House grounds.

One such opportunity was producing the live shot portion of this segment for “CBS This Morning.” “To have an intern go and produce something that’s going live nationally at seven in the morning is something that [requires] a lot of trust,” said Roberts. She is grateful for that trust and grateful that she will leave D.C. with more confidence in her abilities than when she arrived.

In addition to interning, Roberts and the other Capital Semester students have been taking upper level courses from George Mason University. “The classes have given me a well-rounded perspective of problems and presented a different way of thinking,” Roberts said. The economics course has been especially interesting for Roberts, as she has not taken an economics course since high school. Because of the course, Roberts said she now has a better understanding of the economic way of thinking which will help her ask questions in interviews or think of story hooks.

Roberts got to meet Sen. John McCain at the "Face the Nation" 60th Anniversary Party.

Roberts got to meet Sen. John McCain at the “Face the Nation” 60th Anniversary Party.

Her favorite class is the journalism seminar taught by Professor Benedetto. She loves Benedetto’s approach to what journalism should be. “Sticking to the roots [of journalism]: tell a story, tell it well, don’t worry about being the first one out there, get your story right and get both sides of the story,” is her impression of Benedetto’s philosophy. She plans to take that approach and continue to grow as a journalist and storyteller.

When she is not interning or doing class work, Roberts is exploring D.C. with her roommates. She had never had sushi before coming to D.C. and now she and her roommates get it once a week. Her favorite sushi spot: The Old Siam Thai & Sushi Bar on 8th Street SE.

“This has been life changing,” said Roberts. She may be bidding D.C. goodbye, for now, but she is leaving with new skills, professional contacts and experience under her belt. When asked if she will return to the District after graduation, she said without hesitation, “Absolutely!”

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