Education or Experience: What is more important in today’s hiring world?

Written by Mallie Woodfin – Coordinator, Recruitment and Admissions

Working for no pay, who would sign up for this? If being hired after graduation is desirable to you, your name should be at the top of the sign-up sheet. An article published by the Wall Street Journal states that employers are looking closer at the ‘experience’ section of resumes in comparison to GPAs. “Employers now give nearly twice as much weight to graduates’ work experience as to their academic credentials, according to a 2012 survey for the Chronicle of Higher Education.”

Universities have caught on to this trend and are altering curriculums and practices because of it. They are creating internship programs of their own, bumping up budgets for campus career centers and requiring internships in order to graduate.

Here are a few helpful hints to landing an internship:

  • Visit the career center – they are a great resource (conveniently located on campus) to help guide students on the career path.
  • Do research – now is the time to be looking for internships, not the month before you plan on taking one. Organizations hire interns like full time employees – it takes time.
  • Put in the effort – looking for internships is not an easy task. Make a plan of where and what type of internship you want. Once you are an intern, give it 110% – they might hire you after graduation.

Are you interested in interning in Washington, DC this summer? Visit for more information! Read the full Wall Street Journal article here.

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