Resume and Cover Letter Tips from the Pros

Written by Mallie Woodfin – Coordinator, Recruitment and Admissions 

You may know her as the “fantastically fierce” star of TLC’s Wedding Island, but Sandy Malone has other talents besides Sandy Malone (2)wedding planning. Sandy, an alumna of the Institute on Political Journalism, was the keynote speaker at orientation for the summer 2014 program. She gave the students tips on how to be the best intern and get the most out of their summer experience.

Sandy has an intense internship program at her company Weddings in Vieques in Puerto Rico. In her most recent blog for the Huffington Post, she shares resume and cover letter faux pas and tips to avoid being the laughing stock of her resume pile. Sandy states “You may give the best interview in the entire world, but first, you have to be invited to interview with the company you’ve applied to work for – and you won’t be if you have a hysterical resume or misguided-sounding cover letter.”

Her top resume tips?

  • Leave your GPA off your resume unless it is higher than a 3.5.
  • Don’t address your cover letter to the wrong person.
  • Know where and what you’re applying for before you send the cover letter and resume.
  • Never send an outdated resume.
  • It isn’t necessary for a college student to go back to 2006 on their resume.

Read Sandy’s hilariously accurate blog here.

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