Preparing for your Summer in DC

Written by Mallie Woodfin, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

In a few days, Washington, DC will gain 350 new summer residents to attend our Live. Learn. Intern Programs. Moving to a city for the summer is overwhelming, so we have some helpful tips and tricks to make the move less stressful. Below you will find a check list of things to do, pack and leave behind for your summer in DC!

Don’t forget to pack:

  • Rain Gear – DC is known for its afternoon summer showers, so have an umbrella, boots and rain jacket on hand.
  • An extra blazer or jacket – You never know when you’ll need one, better to be prepared.
  • A robe and shower shoes – Commonly forgotten, but nice to have in a shared living space.
  • Refillable water bottle and sunscreen – DC is notoriously hot in the summer. It is so important to stay hydrated and protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Notebook and pens – This will make you look prepared and ready to take notes or jot down things to remember.
  • A bag/purse/briefcase – You’ll want a professional looking piece to hold all of your necessary items.
  • Commuter shoes – Ladies, a pro-tip: wear your flats while commuting then change in to your heels.
  • Quarters and extra change/cash – These will be necessary to do laundry and come in handy at other times as well.
  • Reusable grocery bags – Avoid the bag fee; bring these to carry your groceries back to your dorm.

It is also important to not over pack. Don’t make the mistake of bringing too many unnecessary things. This will make carrying your suitcase much easier and allow for more space in your dorm room.

Leave behind:

  • Clothes you know you will not wear – winter coats, boots, flannel, etc.
  • Extra clothes – You don’t need to pack a ton of t-shirts and sweatpants. Only a handful is necessary.
  • Items you do not want to lose – valuable jewelry, family heirlooms, etc.
  • 100 pairs of shoes – You only need a few pairs for work, play and exercise.

Other things to do:

  • If you haven’t done so already, coordinate with your roommates to determine who is bringing which items. You don’t want to have duplicate sets that occupy space unnecessarily.
  • Contact your internship supervisor or TFAS staff member for office guidelines and appropriate work attire.
  • Familiarize yourself with the area – look online at maps of where you will be living, interning and taking classes.
  • Make a “Bucket List” of places to visit and things to see before the summer is over.

Follow DCinternships on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram for more helpful tips leading up to and during the summer!

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