Alum Testimonial – From the IEIA PA

Written by John Scott – Program Advisor, the Institute on Economics and International Affairs

jonh 2When I first decided to participate in the TFAS program, I didn’t know what to expect. On my first day in D.C. I was met with the highest level of enthusiasm from the TFAS staff, and that enthusiasm never wavered throughout the entire summer. I was determined to experience as much of D.C. as possible and I proceeded to do exactly that. My friends and I spent a lot of time in the Georgetown area. We kayaked on the Potomac River, went rock climbing and played barefoot tennis on Georgetown’s campus.

The best part about my summer with TFAS was the people that I met while. Each and every person you meet has their own story and I learned so much from everyone. My roommate was from the Netherlands and our conversations and debates were invaluable to me. We discussed the environment and politics on a daily basis, but were still able to kick back and hang out. My TFAS mentor was very willing to get together and give me advice on how to best maximize my TFAS experience. He encouraged me to go to networking events and to utilize my internship as a way to attend more. Through my internship with CSX Corporation I went to intern mixers for my specific field of work which was a great experience for me socially and professionally.John 1

The alumni network is strong and very active in D.C. and around the country. It was great to see the number of alumni who host TFAS students as interns in their offices, serve as mentors and speak to student groups. Overall, I had a great summer and created bonds that will last a lifetime. I’m excited to be back in D.C. and looking forward to helping the 2015 students have a great experience.

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