It’s a Small World: 3 TFAS Alumni Working for Dallas Morning News

Until mid-January, three TFAS alumni working in downtown Dallas didn’t even realize they were all alumni of the Institute on Political Journalism.

Dana Amihere, Tristan Hallman and Charlie Scudder have reconnected at Dallas Morning 3 alumsNews (DMN). Each says TFAS played a role in helping them find their path in the world of journalism.

“TFAS encourages us to take risks and to try things that are different,” says Amihere.  “So I think that element of IPJ makes DMN a really good fit. At DMN things are more lively. People are really excited about doing good journalism, chasing a story idea that’s never been done before and presenting it in a completely unorthodox way.”

Scudder says his internship experience through TFAS at the Gannett Washington bureau of USA Today helped him learn how to tell stories in a new way.

“I was reporting for a large number of local papers around the country,” Scudder said. “I had to find a way to take a story and make sure that it was relevant for everyone and for specific audiences and make it applicable to readers. Those skills are specifically from TFAS, and they’re still with me.”

To read the full article, please click here. If you are interested the Institute on Political Journalism, please visit 

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