TFAS Aluma Returns to DC for Position with Internship site

Abigail Martin, an alumna of the Institute on Political Journalism and California State University – Fresno, recently moved back to Washington, DC. Abby interned for Adfero Public Relations during her summer with TFAS, and now serves as the Assistant Account Executive. Abby has some advice for students who are considering attending one of our programs.

If you’re still on the fence about joining The Fund for American Studies, stop and read this.

abby 2There are three important reasons why participating in the Institute on Political Journalism will open doors to career opportunities you’d never imagined. See how I landed the career of my dreams by joining the Institute on Political Journalism last summer.

Location, Location, Location

It’s D.C. The nation’s capital. Arguably, the central hub for news, public relations, nonprofits, law and of course, politics. This is why D.C. attracts the best of the best in each field – ambitious, industry-leading people. For this reason, regardless of your internship placement, it’s very likely that you’ll impress future employers simply by having work experience in D.C. I, along with my two roommates, was hired full-time after completing IPJ last summer. We all agree that having work experience in D.C. was essential in getting our resumes in the “interview” pile.

Invaluable Professional Network

Between your peers, TFAS sponsored events and your internship, you’re sure to meet people who can greatly affect your career. You’ll be surprised at how many influential people I connected with last summer – from White House correspondents to award-winning CEOs. My classmates were just as impressive, bringing a diversity of educational backgrounds and ideas that will shape our future. Every hand you shake and new business card in your wallet gets you one step closer to your career goals.

Industry KnowledgeAbby 1

Whether or not you decide to pursue your career in D.C. in the future, the knowledge you’ll gain from working in industry-leading workplaces will set you apart from your competitors. You will learn a lot from your employers if you aren’t afraid to jump into projects. In eight weeks, I fine-tuned my writing skills, defined my digital media skill set and conducted large-scale communication strategies. Just imagine what you’ll be doing a few months from now.

Where am I now? I’m working for a strategic communication agency in the heart of D.C. I’ve been published on a number of websites, written and conducted advertising campaigns for clients and successfully implemented grassroots advocacy campaigns that have impacted federal legislation. But here’s the cherry on top: On sunny days, I have my lunch in Lafayette Square, enjoying the view of the Washington Monument peaking high above the White House.

Join TFAS, it will change your life.

For more information on our six summer programs, visit

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