A Capital Semester Presidential Leadership Journey: Mount Vernon

Written by Matt Phister – Coordinator, Capital Semester | Leadership & the American Presidency – Fall | Legal Studies Institute

Along with its numerous historical monuments, national treasures and breathtaking landscape, Washington, DC and the surrounding area is graced by the homes of several of America’s founding fathers.

This spring, Capital Semester students had the opportunity to learn, explore, and remember the life and legacy of several of these great leaders. Read the reflections on their trip to George Washington’s Mount Vernon below:

What did you learn about George Washington and leadership during your trip to Mount Vernon?

“I learned that leadership is often about not giving up. In the video “We Fight to Be Free” they showed George Washington steadfastly leading soldiers in the French and Indian MV 2War, repeatedly getting back onto horses and telling the troops where to go. It was this tenacity that proved invaluable in his future leadership.”  – Friedl Nugent, University of Ozarks, Internship: Peace Corps

“At Mount Vernon, what stuck with me most about Washington and his leadership style was how hospitable and selfless he was to his contemporaries! Leadership requires patience and a willingness to help others!” – Erika Stablow, Irvine Valley College, Internship: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

“George Washington was a servant leader who put the men under his command first. This style of leadership made Washington a successful leader and those under him knew they could trust him because if he would not do something, his men would not do it either.” – Patrick Dupeire, Flagler College, Internship: The Dershowitz Group  MV 1

“I never really knew how highly Americans thought of George Washington. They really admired his leadership and didn’t want to disappoint him. I also learned that after he won the war he had all the power and he could have declared himself a king but instead he gave the power back to the people.”  – Jerel Ballard, Columbia College Chicago, Internship: kglobal

Check back to read about their visit to Lincoln’s Cottage. For more information on our semester and summer programs, click here.

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