Program Advisor’s DC Bucket List

Written by the 2016 Program Advisors

Washington, DC is a city of many museums, restaurants and other popular sites to see. It has so much to offer that it can be difficult to visit squeeze everything in during the eight weeks you are here. The PA’s have shared their ‘DC Bucket List’ items they didn’t get to accomplish during their TFAS summer.


  • Watch the sunrise from the Jefferson Memorial
  • Go to the White House
  • Meet one of my state Senators
  • Go to an outdoor movie with friends
  • Try Ethopian food


  • Watch a performance at The Kennedy Center
  • Kayak on the Potomac River
  • Try different ethnic food
  • Bike around the city


  • Go to the top of the Washington Monument
  • See EVERY Smithsonian
  • See President Obama or Vice President Biden in person (even if it is from far away)


  • Go to the National Zoo and see the newest panda Bei Bei
  • Tour the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  • Go to the Arlington National Cemetery
  • National Cathedral stained glass tour


  • Go to the top of the Washington Monument
  • See the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives
  • Go kayaking on the Potomac River

What items are on your DC Bucket List?

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