Unique Ways to Explore DC

Written by Krista Gylling – Program Advisor, Leadership and the American Presidency

In case you haven’t heard it enough, your two months in Washington, DC go by fast. Remember to take time to see all the sights this city has to offer. Many students participated in the Monument Tour the first weekend, but there are other fun ways to see the city.

Krista SegwaySegway. I personally think that the best way to see The District is by Segway. The Jefferson Monument is a favorite of mine but is such a commitment to walk to from George Washington campus, so a Segway is the perfect way to get there. There are multiple Segway Tour companies in the city that offer general tours through the DC, monument tours, and highlights tour. I would recommend taking one of the night time slots because it is cooler, the area is typically less crowded, and seeing the monuments lit up at night is breathtaking. Tours are around $65 so it’s a nice activity to do when family comes to visit! krista kayak

Water. GWU is conveniently located within walking distance to the Potomac River. There are places along the river that you can rent kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and canoes. Last summer fellow TFAS students and I walked to Georgetown and rented kayaks for a few hours. Seeing the monuments from the water versus on land is surprisingly different. The double kayak we rented was around $20 per hour.

Krista DuckAquaduck Tour. This tour is one of the more unusual touristy things I’ve done. The vehicle is both a bus and a boat – the first half of the tour is on land and the second half is in the water – the best of both worlds. It is a thrilling experience driving into the water with that moment of panic wondering if this bus will really float. Spoiler alert: it does float. The tour even gives out free duck calls!

No matter the method, make sure you get out and explore DC this summer!

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