Lights, Camera, Capitol

Written by Joel Troutman – Coordinator, Institute on Business and Government Affairs

If Jonathan Lee were to describe his passion and future in one word, it would be “action”. Currently studying Film Production at Chapman University, Jonathan plans to start his own production company that would pair nonprofit organizations, the government, and other business not traditionally reached by video.

This plan led him to apply for the Institute on Business and Government Affairs so he would learn how a business of this type might run. While interning at Shirley & Banister Public Affairs this summer, Jonathan was able to gain valuable hands on experience working in a field that intersects business and government.

At home, Jonathan is involved with his community using his film making to tell stories about those who lack a voice. He has worked with several nonprofits from Aid Africa to Oak View Renewal Partnership. Working in DC this summer helped him expand his work experiences into a different sector.

Jonathan threw himself into the summer, attending any and every event, trying to maximize his experience in DC. Meeting as many people as possible and networking with guest speakers gave him a lot of insight into the professional world. While he admits that film-making is a tough business, he advises all future IBGA students to “work hard and enjoy yourself.”

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