PA’s Favorite (DC) Things!

It’s hard to believe the final weeks of Summer 2017 are rapidly coming to an end. The PAs have rounded up their favorite restaurants and activities that you must do before leaving DC!

Favorite Restaurant:
Sarah – My favorite restaurant in DC is a little diner on 10th Street NW called Lincoln’s Waffle Shop. It’s located right across from Ford’s Theater, so it’s the perfect place to relax after you finish your tour. They have the best waffles in town, as well as other breakfast foods, sandwiches, fantastic burgers, and infinite coffee refills. I love it because it’s the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal with good friends.

Grace – My Favorite place to eat in DC is a Peruvian-Chinese fusion restaurant called China Chilcano on 418 7th Street NW. They feature traditional dishes from each country with flares of crossover such as ceviche with teriyaki vegetables or plantains with Chinese spices.

Brooke – My favorite spot is a hole-in-the-wall Thai food restaurant on 11th street. It’s properly named Noodles on 11 and the food is excellent. It’s small, relatively quiet and conveniently located right by CityCenterDC, which is fun place to walk around after your meal. Pro-tip: my go-to dish is the Chicken Tom Yum.

Reim  – My favorite brunch destination is Paolo’s in Georgetown. Located at 1303 Wisconsin Ave NW, the beautiful venue offers outdoor seating and delicious homemade Italian entrees. Choose from a variety of pastas, pizzas, cheesy appetizer dips, pastries and more. There is no better Sunday outing destination than Paolo’s, what’s not to love about brunch in Georgetown?

Liz – One of my absolute favorite restaurants in DC is Old Ebbitt Grill. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner – you really can’t go wrong. The food is delicious and a good place for friends and family. A fun fact about Old Ebbitt is that they have one of the oldest bars on the East Coast. It is truly a culinary cornerstone in the DC restaurant scene.

Chase – My most favorite restaurant in Washington, DC is Founding Farmers, hands-down. Located at 1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, this restaurant is known for its phenomenal American-style brunch and dinner. With numerous options and delicious, family-style sized desserts, this popular restaurant is appealing to anyone and everyone – as long as they come with a large appetite. Keep in mind it’s a popular spot so make reservations early in advance!

Favorite Activity:
– My favorite DC activity is exploring the different waterfronts. There are so many amazing views in DC, but the Potomac definitely offers some of the best. That’s what makes the Jefferson Memorial is my favorite monument – I love sitting on the steps and looking out over the Tidal Basin. Whether it’s strolling on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, riding the ferris wheel at National Harbor, or getting gelato and sitting on the dock in Old Town Alexandria, you’ll usually find me somewhere near the water during my free time.

Grace – My favorite DC activity is to the spending time around the Smithsonian area. My top spots are the Library of Congress, the U.S. Botanical Garden, and the Hirschhorn Museum. Aside from being an architecturally gorgeous building, the Library of Congress offers a wide range of historical exhibits with newspaper archives that rival the Newseum. If you need an escape from the fast-paced environment of Washington, the U.S. Botanical Garden is the place to go. Finally, I enjoy the Hirschhorn Museum because I believe that while modern art can sometimes be silly, it also encourages us to think more deeply about the human condition. Best of all, you can enter all of these sites free of charge.

Brooke – One of my favorite things to do in DC is to rent the Capital Bikeshare bikes and ride around the city. It’s only $2 per half-hour and a great way to get around and explore! Pick up a bike and head toward Georgetown, if you pass by the Waterfront Park, you can continue on the Capital Crescent Trail, which is a beautiful shaded trail which runs along the Potomac. After your ride, you can check the bikes back in at any Capital Bikeshare dock around the city.

Reim – My first DC sunset was breathtaking, I was sitting on the Lincoln Memorial steps, gazing at the reflection pool. From that moment on, I sought every sunset from every angle. One of the most beautiful sunset spectator spots is the Watergate Hotel roof. It provides a stellar view as the sun sinks deeper, illuminating the Potomac in fiery hues.

Liz – My favorite DC activity is exploring the myriad of historical places that the city has to offer. Peacock Alley, located near the Willard Hotel, is a DC hidden gem and is known for coining the term ‘lobbying’. It is a short walk from the Foggy Bottom area, just past the White House.

Chase – Visiting the National Air and Space Museum is a must-do activity. Not only does it have several interactive displays and games, but every visitor has the opportunity to watch a planetarium show as well. 









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