Meet Your Program Advisor: Thomas

Written by Thomas Fodor – Program Advisor, Public Policy + Economics

Thomas will be helping students enrolled in our Public Policy + Economics program.

I had always dreamed about going to Washington, DC! I finally got there and had an amazing summer with TFAS. I got placed at an amazing internship, learned more about economics, and expanded my network.

I interned at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, a part of the Department of Homeland Security. On the job, I drafted memos, reviewed important documents, attended high-level meetings with all sorts of people from our government. I gained valuable experience and made many connections with DC professionals.

My time in the Public Policy + Economics program track was filled with learning new ways of thinking, being challenged, and formulating complex ideas. Although I had taken both macro and micro economics at my home university, Dr. Coyne at TFAS presented the economic way of thinking in a unique and engaging way. Washington, DC provided an unparalleled opportunity to learn about politics firsthand. I was able to attend debates and discussions between policy experts, meet the Ambassador of Afghanistan–while eating some amazing middle eastern food, witness the handing down of Supreme Court opinions, and visit an old Kremlin headquarters, just to name a few.

Thomas on the National Mall celebrating The Fourth of July.

You don’t need to wear a suit to have a good time in D.C. During July Fourth, I was able to go to “A Capitol Fourth”, where I was able to see The Temptations, Pentatonix, Jimmy Buffet, and The Beach Boys in concert, afterwards I witnessed an amazing fireworks display from The National Mall. There were cultural events happening all over the city all the time, museums to explore, monuments to visit and food to eat. In DC, there is no shortage of what to see and do, whether that is looking at the Constitution, or enjoying the constitution of a delicious taco.

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